Bikes form an essential part of life for most bikers. If you are one of them, you need to pay attention to the type of bike that you buy. Ensure it has all the features that make it possible to meet your specific needs.

When making your decision, there are a number of factors to consider. These are some reasons why you need to pay attention to the TVS Jupiter.

  1. The Ease of Maintenance

Before you buy the scooter, you need to be certain about the costs of its maintenance. Are its spare parts available? If yes, what the costs?

Choose a scooter which you are aware that you can get its spare parts at any time and within a favourable cost.

  1. The After Sales Services

The after sales services should influence whether you’ll buy the bike or not. Some of these services include the warranty terms, guarantee conditions and whether the seller will offer any delivery service.

If you’re new bike experiences problems due to manufacturers default, who will foot the cost of this exercise? Well, the manufacturer should be ready to meet these repair costs.

Scrutinize the terms of the warranty conditions before making the purchase.

  1. The Ease of Use

You need to understand the main reason why you’re buying the scooter. Well, as a rider, there is a possibility that you will ride to unfavourable areas. Here, the weather may be slightly tough or the terrains may seem challenging for your bike.

As such, your bike needs to be sturdy enough to meet the various needs you have. You should be able to trust it on a rainy day or unfamiliar terrains.

  1. Fuel Consumption

Your bike needs to be fuel efficient. TVS Jupiter models have an econometer that guarantees its fuel efficiency.

The system uses two indicators to show you whether you are riding in a fuel-efficient model.

Under normal conditions, the scooter averages at around 60kmhr. The green eco lights will remain on from the time you start your journey till you clock the 50kmph. The TVS Jupiter power light stays on once you cross the 50kmph speed.

  1. Comfort

The scooter that you purchase needs to be comfortable when riding. The seat should be cosy. It should have suspensions to guarantee comfortability.

A good scooter will also consider your posture when riding. It shouldn’t force you to raise or stretch your hands too much. Ensure you’re comfortable in your scooter before effecting the purchase.

  1. Colour

Before you choose your scooter, check whether it is available in your best colour. You may choose a bright or dull colour.

The only shortcoming of using bright colours is how to keep them clean at all times. Ensure you settle on your best colour.


As a biker, you want to choose the best you can get in the market. It should be comfortable, reliable and highly energy efficient.

Only buy a bike that you are certain its spare parts are available and which you can manage its maintenance costs. s

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