Renting out a moving vehicle will make your life much easier if you are moving or taking a trip with more than 3 people since a normal car can be quite suffocating and uncomfortable when there are more than three people in the car. Not to mention that if you are moving, you will probably not be able to fit any of your items, which is why you should think about renting a moving vehicle.

Renting out a vehicle that will give all of the passenger space and allow you to carry all the necessities is definitely a must. You can check out your local renting company or take a look at Self Move Hire if you want. Just make sure that whichever company you choose to rent the vehicle from that they are reputable and that you can trust them.

Pack everything before the actual moving day

Driving responsibly

If you have never driven a moving van, truck or even a Ute before, you should know that this feels completely different from driving a basic car. In addition, when you have a fully packed moving vehicle it will be much heavier, and it needs to be driven with caution.

Make sure that you always stay within the speed limit, and there is no need to reach your maximum speed, as that will make the full vehicle much harder to control. A general rule should be to have a safe and consistent speed through your journey.

Have enough space

Since driving a moving van/truck/Ute will feel different than driving an average vehicle, you will probably need some extra time and space to be able to stop the vehicle. So, try to avoid fender benders and always maintain at least one length of a car between you and the driver in front. Make sure to know which your blind spots are.

The right vehicle for you

Picking out the right vehicle is also very important because you do not want to pay extra for space that you do not need. The most popular are the vans and Utes. If you are interested, you can hire UTE and van vehicles from Go With The Gecko or check out your other options, just make sure that you are hiring from a reputable company.

Smart parking

When you are parking a moving truck or a van, you need to know a couple of things beforehand. Always engage the emergency brake so that it is kept in one place. In case you are parking uphill, you will have to turn the wheels and face away from the curb, while if you are parking downhill, then you should turn your wheels into the curb. These are some precautions that will help stock the trucks from rolling.

Protecting your pets

It is always advised to take your pets separately and not in the moving vehicle, but if they must travel with you when you are moving your furniture make sure to keep them in a cab, and not on your furniture as that can move while traveling and injure them. You need to make stops from time to time to make sure that your pets have water and have done their business outside.

Choose the appropriate van size for the move

Final word

As long as you rent a vehicle form a reputable company you do not have to worry about much. Just make sure that you know how to drive bigger vehicles, as it is not as simple as driving the basic cars. It is always safer to go with an experienced truck/van/Ute driver instead of doing everything alone for the first time.

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